A bride-to-be got the shock of her life when her boyfriend proposed to her in the middle of a bridge. 

Romantic boyfriend who proposed in the middle of a bridge, left his girlfriend in tears with the romantic gesture which was captured in a video.

The boyfriend who is identified as Nunurai proposed to his girlfriend (Ruvimbo) of over 5 years in the middle of a bridge during a recent adventure in Zimbabwe, shared that he has been waiting for years for the best moment.


The duo was seen in the middle of a bridge when the groom to be went  down on his knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him.

He said: “For five years, I’ve been waiting for this moment; I have been looking all over the world to find a place as beautiful as you are. This is the only place I know that is as beautiful as you are. Will you marry me?”

The lucky girlfriend  burst into tears out of excitement as she agreed to be his wife. See the video below:




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