A Ghanaian lady, Natasha Kaylah is weeping on Twitter after she found out her boyfriend of 4 years is set to marry another lady even though they are still dating.

According to Natasha, she takes care of this lover. She pays her bills, pocket money, rent and provides everything the guy needs because he was the number one on her priority list.

This young and lucky man informed Natasha Kaylah that he had to go and visit his sick dad in Kumasi and Natasha went ahead to buy him a plane ticket and gave him her good wishes to be given to her soon to be inlaw.

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Natasha Kaylah
Natasha Kaylah

Well, it all turned out to be a fool’s errand. Apparently, lover boy was on his way to get married to the love of his life in Kumasi who is not Natasha Kaylah.

According to the heartbroken Natasha, she found out our guy man was going to marry two days after he left for Kumasi in the plane whose ticket was bought for with her money.

She claims a friend of her boyfriend who finds the whole situation annoying sent the invitation card to her two days after our fvck boy here left for Kumasi.

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Natasha Kaylah posted:

Together for 4years, paid ur rent and bills and every single shit u needed and wanted. U were numero uno on the priority list. Said u needed to travel to Kumasi to see ur sick dad. Paid ur plane ticket, only to see ur wedding invitation from ur friend two days after? Hmmm?

Natasha Kaylah's post on Twitter
Natasha Kaylah’s post on Twitter

Her post on Twitter has gone viral on all the other social media platforms generating wild reactions from Ghanaians. Whiles some are condemning the guy for being heartless, others are alleging probably Natasha sake of being rich was abusing the boyfriend.

Well, now that you have seen what is trending online, tell us what you also think about Natasha Kaylah’s post in the comment section.

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