There are plenty of ways to spice up your sex life, and one of them is to try out new positions.

Sex is supposed to be fun, not dangerous. That’s why it’s important to either avoid these positions, or do them the right way.

Woman on top

According to a study published in the US National Institute of Health, the sex position that puts most men’s penises in danger is the ‘Woman on Top’. This is because sometimes, there’s not enough lubrication when the woman is on top, making penetration sore. The force of the thrust can also lead to injury. When a woman is on top, she usually controls her movement with her entire body weight, which can also be dangerous is not done right.

Missionary position

Even the most boring position could leave a man with the most horrific penile injury. According to an article on NZ Herald, Brazilian researchers noted how 21% of penile fractures occurred when the bloke was trying to climax while on top of his loved one. When in complete control of the speed and power of each thrust, this can lead to a man hitting the pelvic bone without intending to.

Doggy style

According to physical therapist Kristi Latham, who is the founder of Beyond Therapy and Wellness, vaginal tearing can occur if there’s forceful penetration at the wrong angle, so position adjustments might be necessary. Additionally, doggy style and its many other variants can also cause things to enter places that weren’t ready for them.

Reverse cow girl

You’re sitting on top of him and leaning back with your hands on his chest instead of leaning forward – that could be dangerous. A study from US National Center for Biotechnology Information states that, like an elbow or knee, the erect penis can be hyper-extended if you put too much or frequent downward pressure on the shaft.


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