Police in Mchinji, a town in the Central Region of Malawi have arrested a 21-year-old man and charged him with bestiality after he was caught having sexual intercourse with a goat.

Reports say Kennedy Kambani was spotted by the owner of the goat, but thought the young man was attempting to steal the animal.

Pemphero Mwakhulika then raised alarm and residents trooped to the scene only to realise that Kennedy was actually quenching his sexual thirst with the goat.

They arrested and handed him over to the police for further investigation and prosecution.
Interestingly, when they got to the police station, Keneddy tried to justify his bestial act by claiming that he did not have sex with the goat against its will.

The man maintained that he duly sought the consent of the goat to sleep with it, and he was granted the green light to proceed.

It is not clear since when goats  started giving consent to sex with human beings, and how one can distinguish between when the animal has given consent or declined the demand.


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