Photos: Jealous main girlfriend chews the lips of her boyfriend's side chic during a fight in TakoradiA jealous lover identified as Mummy, a nurse has bitten off the entire lover lips of another lady, Beatrice Agyapong whom she suspects of being in a relationship with her boyfriend.

According to the lady who spoke with Takoradi-based Connect Sunday, she had no relationship with Mummy’s boyfriend but rather she just begged him for a lift to the next tow.

Beatrice explains that she had been diagnosed with an ulcer and has been advised to eat very early in the morning.

Beatrice Agyapong
Beatrice Agyapong

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On her way to Kwesimintsim to find something to eat around 8:00 am, she saw the boyfriend of Beatrice whom she did not even know was her boyfriend and flagged his car down for a lift.

“I saw the private car passing and pleaded with the driver to alight me at Kwesimintsim so I could find some food to buy,” she recounted.

Beatrice, 23-year-old hairdressing apprentice had just returned from Kwesimintsim when she was approached by Mummy demanding to know why her boyfriend gave her a lift. Before she could explain, the nurse attacked her and bit off her lower lip.

Beatrice Agyapong
Beatrice Agyapong

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“She grabbed my lip and started chewing it as I struggled to defend myself but to no avail,” she told Connect FM.

Beatrice was rushed to the Kwesimintsim Government Hospital but the doctors on duty could not stitch the lip back because the cells in the bitten part had died.

Groaning in pain, Beatrice revealed a report has since been filed at the Kwesimintsim police but the nurse only identified as Mummy is yet to be picked up by the police. The police explain they are waiting for Beatrice to feel a little better so that his statement can be taken.

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