I’m Dan-Apeemah ,a Ghanaian village citizen by birth in Bolgatanga. Well, I might be wrong just like the criminals in cassocks prophesying the death of others in 2019. But will i make sense if i say we need a legislative instrument to avoid recurring bullshits of criminals in cassocks?

Will i make sense again if the media can be advised to stop giving them attention both in print and electronic?

I believe Owusu Bempah and his cohorts who are in the front line every year to predict doom are usually conspiring with the devil to cause the death of others. And conspiracy to commit a crime is frowned upon by our constitution.

I have no hard feelings if these ‘suppposed men of God’ begin to send me death threats after reading this advice.

If the media is fair enough to mere citizens like myself, they should ask Owusu Bempah and co when will they reach equilibrium with the surroundings?

All that’s happening in my country is not happening at where Christianity came from. For sometime now, we have given attention to spiritual scammers of our time in our part of the world.

I therefore think we need a national common sense as well as since we’re spending to build a National cathedral that’s likely to facilitate the ‘recruitment’ of more hungry people in cassocks fooling the ignorant masses.


Written by: Dan Apeemah  a local Nugs Presidential Aspirant of University of Development Studies



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