Rumour has it that, Medikal has allegedly cheated on Fella Makafui and there’s some sort of fire in the mountain.

A source has told the anonymous Instagram celebrity gossip, thosecalledcelebs that, Fella Makafui has caught Medikal cheating on her and she’s not happy about it.

According to the source, Medikal slept with a certain girl known as Ohemaa inside KNUST and was caught by Fella Makafui. The source even continued to add that it has all the pictures.

Well for now, it’s just a rumour but you know what they say about rumours? To every rumour, there’s some truth in it. So take this story with a pinch of salt, when more evidence comes up, we will alert you.

We are just hoping it’s not some hype story been cooked by Medikal and Fella to see how the public would react should something like that happens.



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