Current report confirms that the police officer who brutally assaulted a woman at Midland Savings and Loans, Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor Skalla has been set free after the hearing court threw out the case.

Amanor was put on trial after a video of him viciously assaulting a woman with a baby went viral on media platforms.

The Police officer, Frederick Amanor aka Skalla who assaulted Patience at Midlands and Loans

Madam Patience, who had lodged at the Midland office refused to go home after the authorities denied to pay back her savings capital.

However, Lance Corporal Frederick Amanor Skalla in carrying out his duty as the security lost his temper after the woman refused to comply with the bank, leading to a brutal assault on her even though she had a baby in hand.

The case was later sent to the court for trial but as is a pattern of our dear nation Ghana, the case has turned into a ‘foolish case’ — and the judge was left with no choice but to liberate the accused without any disciplinary action.

The story as sighted by on explains that the case was thrown out of court after the complainant, Ms. Patience Osafo denied interest in the case.

Woman assaulted by Police Officer Frederick Amanor

She reportedly did not make herself available to investigators or to appear in court and testify against her abuser.

With the complainant refusing interest in the case, prosecutors could not make their case against Amanor and the trial judge released him as well as three other officials of Midlands.

Obviously, the reason Ms. Patience was not interested in proceeding the case could be drawn to the fact that she received a substantial compensation package from the company after they were criticized over the attack on her.

The source firmly confirmed that today Amanor is a free man, despite brutally assaulting a woman holding a baby live on camera for the whole Ghana to be a witness.



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