Ghana-based Nigerian ‘sakawa’ boy, Money Beast, has set the internet on ‘fire’ after dropping two wild videos. The 17-year-old has released an old video of himself to prove a point and it has been sighted by TheNewsGh.Com. In the video, Money Beast is seen burning some USA dollar notes.

Money Beast took to Intsagram to announce that he used to burn dollar bills in the past but he no more does so. His caption of the videos read,”If You Haven’t Seen The Videos I Burnt Dollars And Stop Doubting Little Things Because You Feel It’s Big. After Watching, You Will Verify The 2019 Changes.” His fans however took to the comment section to express their views.

@maminukano advised Money Beast: “@upforthemoney o boy stop posting the video again, as you too regret am, is like doing it again.” @peterolumba commented: “They will make you believe its real but fake as hell.” @masterpayijoba not happy: “Total abuse of money, it’s very wrong bro I love everything about you but this crossed my heart.” @jude_d_king20 wrote: “More blessings.”

Earlier, it was reported how Money Beast sprayed large amounts of money in the air at a Mall in Accra as people rushed to grab their share. He stood on top of a story building with a very big bag full of cash. He dipped his hand inside his money bag and started throwing it in the air whiles shoppers around rushed to pick them up.


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