Omolola is about to get married to Patrick but the only problem is that he is so weak sexually that she does not know if she would be able to cope staying married to him.

“Dear Marriage advisor
My name is Omolola, a 26-year-old lady, I am supposed to get married to Patrick in three months’ time but from the look of things, I am not sure I am going to go ahead with the marriage.

My reason is the fact that Patrick is not man enough when it comes to sex and I don’t want to get married to a man and still sleep with other men.

Patrick has a sexual problem that has defied all forms of treatment. He has a very weak erection and anytime he manages to get it erect, he ejaculates within seconds, sometimes even before penetrating me.

I spend close to 30 minutes working on his penis and just when I have succeeded in working it into an erection, it deflates immediately.
Patrick is such a caring and loving man and I love him so much but the one problem that has to do with sex is giving me a second thought on the marriage because I had promised myself that once I get married, I would never have anything to do with another man again.

I know many people will say sex is not food but if we are sincere, we all know that sex is very important in a marriage, and not just for childbearing alone.

I am a sexually active woman and I will not pretend not to like sex, so no one should tell me to bear with the situation.

I don’t think I can cope getting married to a man and still be sleeping with other men.

Dear readers, after reading Omolola’s story today, what would you say to her?


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