My pastor's wife snatched my boyfriend after she invited us to settle our quarrel-Lady on Twitter

Now it appears not only single ladies who are snatching the boyfriend of other ladies; married women and even pastor’s wives are now aggressively snatching the boyfriend of young ladies.


A young lady on Twitter has shockingly revealed how her pastor’s wife (Osofo Maame) snatched and slept with her boyfriend after she invited them to settle their dispute.


According to the young lady, she had a serious quarrel with her boyfriend which nearly destroyed their relationship. The wife of her pastor saw the changes in her because it was affecting her work at the church.

The Osofo Maame asked her what the problem was and she gladly poured her heart out to her spiritual mother. As the mother of the church, she invited the lady and her boyfriend to counsel them.

Well, the lady managed to convince the boyfriend to go and see the Osofo Maame. Well, the long and short of the matter is that the Osofo Maame cunningly snatched the guy and started fvcking him.

Sharing her experience on Twitter, the lady wrote:

“My boyfriend and I were having some issues, the quarrel was so bad that we were on the verge of breaking up. I was not happy and that affected my zeal in the church. My pastor’s wife noticed, and asked me to invite my BF for a talk after I told her. The woman later fucked my man.”

Osofo Maame Snatched my boyfriend


The lady’s post has garnered wild reactions on social media with many condemning the Osofo Maame for such an ashawo bold action.



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