Simi and her mum Jedishola are the cutest mother and daughter duo on social media and their followers love how they banter with one another.

X3M music art and Nigerian singer, Simisola Bolatito Ogunleye, popularly called Simi  and mother burst Twitter with laughter after she corrected her mom when she made a mistake in a tweet she sent out.

Simi sitting on her mother's lap
Simi and her mum Jedishola

Simi is known to have hilarious conversations on Twitter with her mother and had once threatened to block her mum.


This singer yesterday came across a tweet from her mom where her mom spelt ‘retreat’ instead of ‘retweet’, Simi’s reaction/correction is a funny one.

Simi replied her mom’s tweet; “Mum it’s retweet. Nobody’s gonna retreat for you”

See the post below:

Well, her  mom had no issues with her correcting her and in another reply said:

Simi and mothers tweet




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