Pastor orders church members to strip

A South African pastor has sparked uproar on social media after he allegedly ordered his congregation during worship service to strip off their clothes so that the Holy Spirit can penetrate them well.


Photos from these unholy events have found its way unto social media and have so far generated wild reactions from people on social media.

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It is not clear when this exactly happened but the Twitter user who shared the photos claims it happened recently. Sharing the photos, the Twitter user wrote:

“Pastor tells worshipers to remove clothes so that holy spirit can penetrate easily,” he captioned the post.

Pastor orders church members to strip

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This is not the first such weird worship practices has been forced down the throat of a gullible congregation which found its way unto social media.

Ghana and Nigeria for instances have recorded situation where pastors bath women in the night in the name of driving away evil spirits. Some pastors even sleeping with their congregation under the guise if performing miracles.

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Here are some photos of when the pastor ordered the church members to strip below

Pastor orders church members to strip

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Pastor orders church members to strip
Pastor orders church members to strip

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