Police reveal how missing Takoradi girls were kidnapped
Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson, and Priscilla Koranchie

The Western Region Police Command has revealed how the 3 girls from Takoradi were kidnapped in 2018 and who the architect of the kidnapping is.


According to the Western Regional Police Commander DCOP Vincent Dedzoe, the 3 kidnapped girls, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson, and Priscilla Koranchie were lured with jobs and mobile phone.

Priscilla Blessing Bentum, Ruth Love Quayson, and Priscilla Koranchie

Two of the girls were lured with a job opportunity and the third person was lured with the promise of a mobile phone. In all 3 instances, the girls were lured by someone who has an acquaintance with them. DCOP Vincent Dedzoe revealed they were in constant communication until they were kidnaped between the last 5 months.

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The suspect of the Takoradi Kidnapping has been identified as a Nigerian national, Samuel Wilson Udoterg. According to the police, Samuel Wilson Udoterg has a record in Nigeria after he was convicted of kidnapping in Nigeria.

Initially, DCOP Vincent Dedzoe told Samuel Wilson Udoterg was refusing to speak since he was arrested. The Western Regional Police commander said:

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“We have tried all means to talk to him. In the initial stages, he took us to Kasoa [Central region suburb] and we combed the whole of Kasoa yet he could not lead us to where the victims are,” he said.

“He is not even ready to talk. He will tell you he doesn’t know where the victims are.”

But at the press conference yesterday, the Western Regional Police Commander revealed the suspect has named four of his accomplices who helped in the kidnapping and they are hopeful they will rescue the girls shortly.

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