Wonders they say shall never end, and I now believe this statement perfectly after a woman who has been in coma for more than a decade gave birth recently while in an Arizona care facility and now authorities are seeking DNA from the male workers there.

The woman who have not been able to move or speak for the past fourteen years gave birth to a boy on 29 December 2018.

The Police in Phoenix have been alerted and are taking DNA samples of all the men who work in the hospital to identify the person who had sex with the patient.

Sources have it that, the woman has been in a coma for 14years and it’s surprising she could consent to sex and give birth.

“The family obviously is outraged, traumatized and in shock by the abuse and neglect of their daughter at Hacienda HealthCare,” the family attorney said.

Management of the facility “Hacienda” have called the situation “a deeply disturbing incident” and are ready to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to bring the culprit to book.

The CEO of the facility upon hearing the news have resigned from his position.


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