A man who was driving a Mbwe Motor Ways Bus yesterday Saturday which was involved in a road accident in Serenje has come out in open stating that he lost control of the bus after he saw a spiritual dog.

Mr Michael Paka aged 38 of Kamuchanga Township in Mufulira driving from Lusaka to Nakonde with 61 passengers on board had the bus involved in an accident after he lost control when he allegedly tried to avoid hitting a spiritual dog that turned into a horse and then into a human being.

When journalist went to interview him in hospital today, Sunday, Mr Paka shocked everyone when he produced the picture evidence of a spiritual dog he allegedly captured using his phone yesterday before the bus careered off the road to the left side and went to rest on its right side.

“I was driving in Kanona Area when I saw a big black dog in front. At first I thought it was an ordinary dog, but I got surprised when it started changing into a naked human being then into a horse while it was raining. It was at that time that I decided to capture it on my camera phone.

But immediately I captured it, I saw a naked man entering the bus through the wind-screen and he hit me on the fore head and that was how I lost control of the bus and an accident occurred”, he said while crying and shaking, visibly scared. “Once out of the hospital, I will never be a driver again, this world is strange”, he said.

And Pethias Siwale a Nakonde businessman who also saw the spiritual dog while travelling in the same bus, said he is still shocked with what he saw shortly before the bus was involved in a terrible accident. ”

Upto now I am speechless, I can’t believe what I saw, dog turning into a horse and a naked human being…Iam still traumatised”, he said.
PICTURE: A spiritual black dog captured by the driver as it turned into a horse!
Satanism is real indeed!


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