An alleged marriage of a young girl believed to be 16 years to an alleged mentally unstable elderly man also believed to be in his 50s is causing a stir among some feminists and human rights advocates.

The widely talked about marriage is reported to have taken place in Ozubulu of Nigeria’s Anambra State.

According to a social media user identified as Vivian Queenstine Diora, the young girl was from a poor family background, so her family thought marrying her off to the elderly man would be a breakthrough for them.

The unhappy woman further claimed that the elderly man “is not normal and at the same time he is a drunkard, and he will be at least 56 years old. Now his family wants to marry a wife for him, and they got this small girl for him,” she alleged.

“The family of this small girl did not waste time to hand over their daughter to Izu’s family just because the Igwilo family are very rich. This girl is under age for Heaven sake.

“This is completely evil. Yes a big evil because Izu will not be the one to be servicing this girl because he cannot do anything. This girl will turn to a sex slave to that family and the community (Everybody will just be collecting their own share)
“Devil shame on you.

“I know that they brainwashed this girls family that the girl will take care of Izu’s large share of land’s and other properties, but that will not make them to destroy this little girls future.

“Ndi Ozubulu come and defend ur self.”

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