The Ghana Police Service has commenced investigation into the murder of the public affairs manager of the Ghana Ports and Habours Authority, Josephine Asante.

It has been established that the police have discovered sperms in the pelvic region of the deceased public affairs manager of the Ghana Ports and Habours Authority who was found murdered Sunday, January 13, 2019 at her home in Afienya near Tema.

A police report, as reported by read in part: “There was a fresh cut on the right eye brow, a suspected bullet hole at the back of her head and sperms at her private part region.”

Christian Agyei, who was serving as a houseboy to the deceased, Mrs Josephine Asante, has been picked up by the police to assist in investigations into the crime.
He is said to have admitted to burying a wristwatch belonging to the deceased, together with 340 cedis behind the window of the boys’ quarters where he sleeps. The items which were freshly buried were discovered by the police investigation team.

“We have taken into custody the houseboy,” DSP Joseph Benefo Darkwah who is the Tema Regional Police Public Affairs Director said.
He would however not confirm or deny the discovery of sperms in the private part of the deceased, except to say the Tema Region has reached out to the homicide department at the police headquarters to assist in investigating the case.

But the houseboy, in his caution statement said he saw a man in black T-shirt and a jeans running out of the house.

Meanwhile, the police report, which was authored based on information from the first police responders said “foot and finger prints of the suspect” have been taken.
The report said no fired bullet shell was found at the scene and “no bullet exit at the front portion of her head”.

It said inspection of the scene revealed the doors and windows to the bedroom were all locked.
“The key to the bedroom and the remote control to the main door were found at the entrance to the house close to the boys quarters,” the report stated.

Josephine Asante was found stabbed to death on Sunday dawn at her residence in Afienya near Tema.
The 49-year-old mother was said to be living in her house with her son and a houseboy at the time of the incident.


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