In her wise message to all Menzgold customers, old grandma is urging victims who are now pointing figures at Nana Addo to stop blaming the president for their misfortunes because they didn’t involve him in their investment plan.

According to Grandma, taking a picture with someone does not mean they are in bed together. After all, she also has a photo with the president but that doesn’t mean she knows him privately.

She further explained that people take pics with their favourite celebrities all the time and in no way does it imply that they know them personally.

She also questioned Menzgold customers if they asked for the president’s approval before investing in the questionable venture.

She said, “If they invested in Menzgold because a photo of the president and NAM1 and they lose their monies, that is their problem. And if I’m the government I will not refund their monies to them.”

She said that similarly, the picture of herself and the president in her room is just a photograph. And that is all there is to it. She has no business with the president.
Menzgold dealership is currently under investigation after the authorities found irregularities in their activities.

This was further compounded when the company halted payments to its investors as promised. And their CEO, NAM1 also fled the country. Currently, he has been arrested in Dubai.

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