The severity of beatings an angry woman unleashed on her shameless best friend after she caught her sleeping with her husband is so scaryyou might want to stay away from married people for your own safety.

In a video circulating online, the Nigerian woman stripped her best friend she referred to as Nkiru naked before beating her mercilessly amidst screams.

The video was posted on Facebook, and it has since gone viral.
The woman could be heard saying her best friend betrayed her though she had been good to her, adding that she saw her as a sister, but she betrayed her by leaving her husband at home to come and sleep with hers.

In fact, she held the ‘victim’ by her head and dragged her on the floor, and hit her uncountable times, but knowing that she was at fault she did not retaliate, she was only pleading in a whispering tone.

The video has sparked reactions on social media with some users attacking both the alleged betrayer and the angry woman’s husband.
Victoria Oche Anyebe said: “She no beat her well.”

Leo Kelly said: Theirs love in shearing… Imagine a woman with such a big ass is not enough for her husband.

Marian Itamah also wrote: “Some man are foolish.. Nikru but why.”

Marian Itamah said: “Nkiru did not do well by sleeping with d frnds husband bt I commend her fr one thing, she did not retaliate wen d frnd was beating her like a child. Dat alone to me shows humility n sorry attitude.”



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