How many of you can wait for your crush to be single just so you can have her? If you don’t have that patience then learn from Sarkodie because he has revealed that’s what exactly he did before Tracy became his.

King Sark for a rare time has opened up about some detailed part of his private life and some of the things he disclosed are quite surprising but very interesting as well.

Speaking with Franky 5 on Hitz Fm’s “This Is Gospel” show, the Rapper revealed that his wife, Tracy Sarkcess, was his first crush and it took him a long while before he was able to date her.

The “Me gye wo girl” rapper mentioned that when he made the first to Tracy, it didn’t succeed because she was having a boyfriend by then. He added that he then waited and hit chords later before it finally succeeded and they have been together since even after a decade.


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