"Call Michy for her to type for you"-Twitter users troll Shatta Wale for tweeting foolish EnglishThere is no celebrity in Ghana who has been mocked most for his poor Engish construction online than the self-acclaimed Dancehall King, Shatta Wale. Well, he has done it yet again sparking another trolling on Twitter.

This morning, there was a discussion on Zylofon FM about the state of live band performers and how much they are poorly paid after their shows. Willi Roi, the number one supporter of Shatta Wale revealed that some Live band performers are paid as low as GHS40 after their performance.

Shatta Wale

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Backing Willi Roi, Shatta Wale attempted to say that Willi Roi is right and Ghanaian musicians should speak up against it to bring about change. Shatta Wale also stated that since he reached his level, his team has never paid Live band performers such low amount but some really take that small amount after performing.

Shatta Wale tweeted:

“Oh Chale Live band people play for hours and get paid for 40ghc ..Willy royis speaking the truth ooo .. Ghana musicians can’t speak for this change, well since God brought me to the level I don’t my team has paid bands men that price but it’s Reality from Roy.@zylofon1021fm”.

Shatta Wale’s tweet

This tweet is what has ended him on the trolling plate this morning. Fans and followers claim the tweet makes no sense at all. According to the followers, they have read the tweet severally but still can’t comprehend what Shatta Wale is really trying to say.

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Whiles some are asking if he took his meds this morning, others begged him to go back to Shatta Michy for her to continue typing for him.

Read some hilarious comments below

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