Sometimes, hardship in some countries of Africa makes people think that travelling abroad is the only solution to their problems.
But then again, when it comes to travelling abroad, it comes with a lot of cost.

The cost of ticket alone is one thing that these people who see the need to travel abroad cannot afford.

So the only way out to is to go about things illegally.
Stowaways as these people are called secretly boards a vehicle, such as a ship, an aircraft, a train, cargo truck or bus, in order to travel without paying and without being detected.

There’s a viral video of 2 young men who hid themselves in a mattress just to travel into Spain.
The successfully arrived in the country of their dreams, however, they were detected by the immigration officers and when the mattresses were cut open, here are two young men laying inside — only God knows for how many days.

From their faces, they were shocked how they ended up. Perhaps they were expecting to land at a place where it’ll be easy for them to start life afresh in their dream country.

But here are they in the hands of the law.

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