A level 500 student of the university of development studies (UDS) Mr. Dan-Apeemah have called on the Northern Regional Police Command to deploy patrols team to their campus within the hours of 7pm and 6am.

In an interview with the local NUGS Aspirant said due to the recent criminal activities that has gone on in campus there is the need for Police Force to intensify their patrols in the school.

“We have experienced a number of theft and robbery cases on campus on countless occasions” he said.

He further states that students on campus now  live in fear and it is affecting their performance in their studies.

“We’ve been sleeping with one eye opened every night and we cannot even safely go to campus to study at night and return to our hostels with our laptops and phones again.”

He pleaded with security authorities to take swift action to curb the criminal activities on campus.

“We would not like to lose anyone or any property as a result of robbery attacks before you send police force with arms to the campus.”

Some students of the school have also complained of their hostels been burglarized and their items taken during holidays.

“I’m on Tamale campus, you’ll recall that about 9 hostels were attacked during the Christmas break”.

“some students of the WA campus of the school were brutalized so we won’t wait for it to occur before we complain” he added.



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