While everyone was expecting this young man to ‘follow the crowd’ by lining up a fleet of branded cars to drive him and his bride home, he’s surprised everyone with his unique style.

The groom chose to not please outsiders by probably borrowing or contracting a loan to do a flamboyant wedding after which he and the newly wedded wife will bear the cost alone.

Instead of cars, the couple who could not afford to either buy or rent cars used a customised motorcycle on which they rode home while the bride was still in the white wedding gown.

Interestingly, the bride was all smiles instead of blushing and frowning as some other ladies would do.

A photo of the said event has been circulating online and generating reactions.

It is not clear yet where and when the ‘extraordinary’ event occurred, but in the photo, the motorcycle could be seen affixed with a placard bearing the inscription, ‘Just Wedded’.

As a matter of fact, if there is anything called unconditional love or self-confidence, this particular event defines them impeccably.


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