Finally, Kumasi based movie industry, Kumawood goes international as the first movie star from the industry, Maame Serwaa gets hosted by BBC News.

In 2018, reported about BBC News documentary on the Kumawood movie industry specifically a focus on Clara Benson known in showbiz as Maame Serwaa.


Finally, the video has been published by BBC News and truth be told, Maame Serwaa handled herself far better than how people like Moesha Boudong behaved when they got the opportunity to be hosted on the same platform.

Maame Serwaa
Clara Benson aka Maame Serwaa

Maame Serwaa started by talking how she entered the movie industry. According to the teen actress, her mother to took her to a movie scene as the age of 6 years where she was made to stand in for a young actress who did not show up for her role that day. She has been a star from that lucky day.

Touching on her challenges, Maame Serwaa revealed her biggest challenge is combining her acting role with her studies. She revealed how she goes on stage every day if there is a movie she is cast in.


She mentioned her desires to go international. She hopes to be an international actress beyond the borders of Ghana.

Watch Excerpts of the documentary below


To be honest, without denigrating anyone, Maame Serwaa has handled fame and celebrity far better than over 80% of celebrities in Ghana. She is well composed, morally right and of course focus on her career and studies. We wish her well.




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