When it comes to spending the rest of ones’ lifetime with the love of their hearts, they often try to make the moment they pop the question an unforgettable one.

It is always a romantic and exciting to see a young man go down on his knees to propose to his girlfriend.

But for one young man, his attempt to propose to his girlfriend has rather ended so badly that he may even lose the lady.


In a video sighted by , the young man is seen kneeling down in a place which looks like a restaurant as he proposed to a lady.

The girl who was so caught up in the moment stretched her hand for the promise ring to be placed on her finger.

Unfortunately, the guy could not find the ring he was supposed to be engaging his girlfriend with and kept searching his pockets in futility as people looked on

The lady who was obviously embarrassed by the ordeal took her bag and went away while the photographer was seen doing his job anyway.

Watch video below:




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