Ghana’s finest local boxer Bukom Banku has disclosed that he will keep bleaching to stay relevant.

According to him, he got all the attention when he was bleaching and when he stopped not much has been heard of him.

He indicated that he plans to bleach again to get all the attention.

He further stated that he will go back to bleaching because it will keep him relevant and the media will keep chasing him for interviews and that will amass him all the attention or hype.

“I am bleaching myself for German people to know that German peo­ple and Bukom Banku are one…. So if you see me now, you will observe that I am from Germany. I want Ghanaians to know that I am a German now,” he disclosed in an interview on Joy News

Watch the video below:

Embedded video


‘I will bleach my skin again, nobody can stop me from bleaching’ – Bukom Banku.



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