Afia Schwarzenegger has finally reacted to the numerous allegations leveled against her from Ghallywood actor, Prince Williams, an ex-lover although Afia Schwar insists he was just a mere friend and nothing else.

In a live video on her Instagram page, Afia Schwarzenegger started by denying all the allegations from Prince Williams. According to Afia Schwar, if she wants to say something unpleasant about someone, never will she send someone else to say it because the person may not say it exactly as she wants it to be said.

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Afia Schwar revealed she is never afraid of anyone to hide something from them and whisper negative things about them behind them, The controversial media personality revealed she has never been in a relationship with Prince.

However, Afia Schwarzennger dared all those accusing her of backbiting that what can they do if she has indeed said those things.

Afia said: All that he is saying I have done, I have done it and so fvcking what? She also revealed plans to sue Williams for defamation.

Watch Afia Schwarzenegger explain herself below


Prince Williams, the son of the wealthy woman who invested 1 million dollars into Menzgold which led to Afia unleashing attacks on Nana Appiah Mensah when Menzgold went down ended up dating Afia Schwar according to the woman and her son.

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After the supposedly broke up due to Afia’s lack of respect and continuous disrespect towards the woman, Afia came out to deny the affair and rained insults on the woman and the son.

Although the woman made an attempt to defend her honor and that of her son, Prince Williams, the son himself came out yesterday in an interview with De Don on Asaempa FM to set the record straight.

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He shockingly revealed she always slept with Afia for fear of contracting HIV AIDS from her. His fear comes from Kennedy Agyapong’s allegation that Afia has AIDS.

He also revealed Afia said a lot of things about people to him including Abeiku Santana killed his own daughter for rituals and Dr. Osei Kwame Despite attempted to use her for rituals.

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Watch Price Williams making his allegations below

Afia has already come out to deny the allegation about Dr.Osei Kwame Despite. According to her, the BMW X6 was never a bribe or gift from Despite. It was part of the agreement when Okay FM poached her from Kasapa FM.

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