Fellow students, my great respect to Almighty God for our lives and everything he has done for us in 2018. I believe we owe the world something big and better, so I wish you an exciting 2019 full of gppg health. I’m personally poised with a good liver to settle my debt since we owe the world something big and better.

Over the years many successful  Leaders of our council have done their best in adfressiad our challenges as students. And I doff my cap high to salute the current and past executives for serving delingently in our council alongside students.

Nevertheless i have equally observed things from afar for five years having served passionately as a General Assembly member in our council and many other portfolios as a student advocate.

Colleague students, a mere level 500 student with the requisite experience and competence like myself. Dan-Apeemah hereby declare my good intention to contest for the portfolio of National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) President on campus.

Growing up, nothing has ever convinced me that we’re on earth to do something big and better and that can be done concsciously well by Dan-Apeemah. I intend to get UDS excited about something that has never existed before. Something that’s yet to exist.

I therefore entreat Y’all never to settle for less, but to choose something big and better. I also wish my political opponents very well in yheit campaigns. I only hope they will do us good by avoiding politics of insults, politics of tribes, politics of political parties, politics of vilifications of religion, politics of faculties and and all sorts of divisions.

God Bless Us!

God Bless UDS-TLC!

God Bless Ghana!!







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