A woman of Mansa in Chief Kalasalunkangaba’s area has shocked the local court when she disclosed that she is legally married to two men whom she wedded in 2 different churches.

The two men argued, almost convincingly, that they were legitimate husbands of one woman having paid dowry and bride price to her parents.

David Nkandu has sued Muyembe Chisulo in the Mansa local court demanding compensation for committing adultery with his wife, Angela Kunda Chisulo, but Mr Muyemba Chisulo is also demanding for compensation from Mr Nkandu causing disbelief in court.

Angela uses Nkandu, Chisulo as her other names from her two husbands. She is known as Mrs Angela Nkandu Chisulo because of being legally married to Mr Nkandu and Mr Chisulo who both paid dowry and bride price and each man has a child with the same woman.


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