In a disgusting bedroom video shared by one Snapchat blogger few days ago, a faceless lady was seen being f**ked by a guy with his foot. The blogger alleged that the lady in the video is ‘Slay Queen’ hit maker Sister Afia.

As usual, Sister Afia was not given a fair hearing but was ‘judged’ and ‘crucified’ by section of music lovers after the video hit social media.

Even after disclosing in an interview that she is not the lady in the video, doubting ‘Thomases’ were still on her nerves, calling her a lair and all sort of names.

Well, it has emerged that the songstress is not the one in the video as she earlier stated, and that the blogger who sparked this whole controversy was just being mischievous. has stumbled upon the original video and we can boldly say that the songster is indeed not the lady in that sickening video

The video as seen by is actually a porn video made in Jamaica. In the original video, the lady in the video was later seen giving a bjay to the guy and that is how we got to know it is not the highlife and afrobeat artiste who is known in real life as Francesca Duncan Williams

We cannot share the video on our site due to Google policies but readers can search for the video online since it’s available on one of the popular porn sites.

On this note we conclude that the blogger who circulated the video online did so as a conscious effort to tarnish Sister Afia’s hard earned image. The big question is why?????


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