We are living in the 21st century and the world is aware as well as has accepted the LGBT community to be “Normal” in general words.

There are several countries that also have passed laws that legalize same-sex marriages including France who passed the law in 2013.

This law gave legal consideration to same-sex marriages which means that a child can or cannot have parents of the same sex.

But there is still a glitch in the running of the same in the forms. No not on the legal terms, but in the general terms.

Thousands of forms that ask a person of their family and especially their parent have blocks named “Father” and “Mother.” This was a problem that marginalized families with same-sex parents.

To cure the issue, a bill has been presented in the national assembly of France that changes the names on forms from “Father and Mother” to “Parent 1 and Parent 2.”

The bill has been presented with serious consideration of kids in school who even had to fill the names of their parents on an absent note. The bill has been backed by President Emmanuel Macron’s party Republique en Marche (REM).

Valerie Petit sponsored the amendment as she found the issue several times in multiple forms. The party, as well as several members in the assembly, agreed to the issue presented behind the presentation of the amendment.

Petit says that this new law will give fair recognition to the families of same-sex which is a legalized family order by the law.



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