It is interesting how some women believe their destinies are tied to rich men and their wealth, hence the penchant to sleep with them at all cost, in order to succeed in life.

“One of my goals in life is to have sex with Wizkid” – Busty lady reveals in a video

The latest fashion among some young women is to sell their bodies to men who are deemed rich, whether married or not to make money for themselves.

A shameless Nigerian lady identified as Real Okoye Uche has left many people blushing after she made a video in which she is calling on musician, Wizkid to have sex with her.

According to Real Okoye Uche, her dream since childhood has been to have sex with Wizkid, saying she has always had a soft spot for the musician.

Judging from the video, it is not as though the young woman wants to date Wizkid, leading to a possible marriage, all she craves for is to have sex with him.

The video has been making the rounds online.


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