NB: The lady in this photo is not the one the story is about


Unlike men, Sexual pleasure means a lot to women and this is not debatable. While a desperate guy would rape to satisfy his sexual desire, a lady would seduce to achieve the same result. This was the weapon this lady used to ‘chop’ her boss.

According to the 23-year-old sex addict from Botswana, she gets so frustrated when she’s in the mood for S3x and not getting it.

After sleeping with significant number of men in Botswana including her boss, she’s hoping to taste the ‘golden pin’ of Zambia and Nigeria men.

She has however given an intriguing account on how she ignored the rules and had a very hot S3x with her married boss after going pantless to seduce him one afternoon. Read her story below:

“im a 23 yr old soon to b 24.i am so addicted to sex that if i dont have i get really in botswana but would really like to try nigerian and zimbabwen dix.i love sex so mich that one day i HAD to sleep with my boss as i was a maid at his day i was really horny and alone in his house,i knew he was coming home for lunch so i decided no to wear anythin under my mini dress.when he got home he went straight to the kitchen where i was busy cleaning.when i saw him i dropped a spoon deliberately and bent down to pick it up.just with corner of my eye i saw this man staring at my black butt i turned around and carried on with my work.deep down my heart i wanted him to sex me and deep down my pussy was longing for a d.he went to his room i followed him,he looked at me and said u little bitch,u have a beautiful ass.i walked slowly towards him and said,do want me.he said my wife will be here in 30minutes.he was scared he didnt know whthr to go for it or not so i made it easy for him.i just went ahead and took my clothes off.he was about to screamed when i reached inside his pants and unleashed the monster.he couldnt resist touchin my boobs.he said in a zambian accent,oh i always wanted to put my boy inside your vagina.the word vagina turned me on so i threw myself on his king bed,opened my legs to give him full view of my maneater.he jumped on top of me,forced himself in but he was too big to fit in but i told myself come what may,im going to get fucked by this old man.he was about 50/50something.i told him to sit and watch me finger myself then it was his turn.he said it was the first time in over 30 yrs that he fingered a was awesome and i got really wet then we tried putting the monster back in the hole went in with so much ease but still painful.the old man fucked me hard,i asked him to try dif positions and he was happy.we sucked and fucked but he warned me that he takes about an hour to cum but there was only 5mns left for madam to arrive.we both forget about her completely but luckily she didnt have the gate keys so she had to hoot.i was fucked and i wanted him to stop but he wouldnt listen instead he removed the condom cos he wanted to feel my was heaven.i was screaming and panting but he was still going on hard and deep.then his wife arrived,hooted and hooted and hooted.then finally the phone rang but nobody answered as we were busy.after a full hour the oldman realesed something iv never felt inside my was thick and warm,when he pulled his d out they came flowing that the bed got wet.his d was stil strong and fresh.i couldnt move exhausted,he pulled me up and said,’thank u.i feel new again.thank u’ and walked out to open for madam.she was furious when she walked in but by that time i was already dressed and back at work.she yelled at me asking why i didnt open i couldnt even look her in the eyes but went straight to my room.i lied there my heart filled with joy and became a daily thing until i left work 7months later.

now this is my problem the man is asking me for marriage , don’t know how people will think of me got married with my boss please advice me.thanx.any kind of comment or insult is welcome”

She posted on her Facebook wall

NB: The lady in this photo is not the one the story is about


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