Actress Yvonne Nelson has come to a conclusion that Counselor Lutterodt’s wife and family is to be blamed for his negative comments about people.

According to the actress and movie producer, counselor Lutterodt is not her friend and cannot befriend such a person  because she does not like people who spread negativity.

In  a video sighted by on  instgram account of thosecalledcelebs, Yvonne is heard saying the counselor’s wife sits at home and entertains such nonsense from her so-called husband.

Yvonne Nelson further emphasized that Lutterodt’s family are to blame for not checking and questioning his conduct on the sort of wife he has married.

Her attack follows the Counselor’s numerous negative comments on her including harsh lashes for her young child, Ryn Roberts.

Counselor Lutterodt is one of the most Provocative people in the country with his comments becoming unbelievable as each day passes.


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