A lady has reportedly left her boyfriend of five years following a disagreement over the amount of money they were supposed to spend on their wedding.

A social media post indicates that the man had proposed that they do the wedding on a budget of GHC15,000.

But the lady felt the amount was too “small” and got angry over it and decided to leave the relationship.

According to Twitter user @Psalm_one who shared the story revealed that the unfortunate breakup happened to his own friend.

Interestingly, @Psalm_one indicated that the lady, upon all the suggestions that the GHC15,000 was small, was not willing to add any amount to make the wedding come off.

“My homeboy’s wife to be left him because his 15,000ghc budget for their wedding was “SMALL”.

She was bored that he was only going to spend that “small” amount. She wasn’t ready to add a pesewa yet she was bored and left. After 5 years,” the tweet read.

Narrating further, @Psalm_one noted that the situation has affected his friend he described as someone who does not deserve to suffer such a heartbreak after all the sacrifices and hard work.

But in any case, @Psalm_one was happy as he felt the friend would have struggled in life if he had married the lady.

He wrote: “What pains me most is that my boy was rocked about this and it really hurt him. He doesn’t deserve this after all the work and sacrifices.

“But I’m really happy she left cos had they married, my boy would have stressed the hell out. He defo dodged a bomb and I thank God for that.”





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