Mr. Bede Ziedeng, the Acting Director of Elections of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), says per the Party’s Code of Elections two presidential hopefuls – Mr. Goosie Tanoh and Alhaji Iddrisu Nurudeen – did not qualify to vote in the Presidential Primary.

Hence, their inability to exercise their franchise in the polls on Saturday.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at the NDC Headquarters in Accra, Mr. Ziedeng said the Electoral College for the presidential candidate was under Article 42 (1G) of the Party’s Code of Conduct of Elections.

According to the Article, the NDC’s Electoral College in Presidential Primary consists of every branch executive committee member, every constituency executive committee member, every regional executive committee member, and every national executive committee member.

The rest are every member of the Party’s Parliamentary Group, 15 representatives of each external branch of the Party including the youth organizer and the women organizer representatives.

Five representatives of the Tertiary Institutions Network, two of whom are women; members of the Council of Elders at the National and Regional level, the President of the Republic, or the past presidents and past Vice Presidents, who are members of the Party; and each founding member of the Party.

Others are former ministers of state and former deputy ministers of state, former Members of Parliament, who are members of the Party; former presidential staffs, former metropolitan, municipal and district chief executives, former ambassadors, and high commissioners, and former members of the Council of State, who are members of the Party.

Mr. Ziedeng said those were the people who were entitled to vote in an election to elect the Presidential Candidate of the NDC.




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