Certain things are excusable when seen in movies due to their bizarre nature, but a report of a Nigerian aircraft having collapsed backwards because it was overloaded with too many bags filled with cash is a true story.

Nigerian journalist/publisher, Chief Dele Momodu shared a video of the weird incident on Instagram and it has got many tongues wagging.

He is the CEO of Ovation International, a magazine that has given publicity to people from all over the world, mainly in Africa.

Dele Momodu posted the video with a caption: “This must be a Nollywood movie, an aircraft collapsing backwards after being overloaded with too much cash in sacts… I disbelieve…”

The incident reportedly happened at one of the most populous and oil rich African country’s airports.

It is unclear where the said monies were being airlifted to and for what purpose, as Nigeria readies itself to go to the polls on Saturday.
Watch videos of the scene below:


Credit: PulseGhana


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