Apparently, the stories surrounding how cheap our celebs are is travelling throughout the world, especially to our brothers and sisters in Nigeria who take note of what’s happening here just as much as we take note of what’s happening there.

Having now learned that some of our celebs are available for quite cheap amounts, a Nigerian rapper has put his eyes on Efia Odo.

Apparently, this rapper is known as ‘ThreeThree’ and is infatuated with Odo.

According to him, he wants Odo so bad and he’s even willing to pay good money to get her in bed.

“I love everything about that girl Efia Odo especially when she smiles it brings a whole different feeling of love to me. Despite the rumours about her being cheap, I like her personality in so many ways that this alone can’t let my feelings for her fade away,” he said.

ThreeThree, speaking to Black Legendary TV, said he’s ready to do whatever it takes to win Efia’s heart, even if it takes $5,000 to do so, a much higher figure than she has allegedly been taking for her tonga right now.

Credit: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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