After 21 years of betrayal that led to 3 children which none of them turned out to be his, Odartey Lapmtey is now the proud father of beautiful twin daughters. The beautiful kids are now about 5 years.


Odartey Lamptey married again a few years after the gory incident with his ex-wife Gloria Lamptey. a year or so down the line, the man who was described as impotent by Gloria Lamptey gave birth to his own biological children.

This time around, Odartey Lamptey did not need a DNA test to be sure he is the father of these adorable children; they are photocopies of their daddy.

Odartey Lamptey and his twins

Odartey Lamptey found out his 21 years marriage to his former wife Gloria Lamptey was a sham after it turned out all the 3 children from the marriage were not his biological children.

In her defends, Gloria Lamptey claimed Odartey Lamptey was impotent and he gave his consent for her to cheat and have children with strangers. Well, it all turned out to be lies.



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