The District Chief Executive (DCE) for Akrofuom District in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, Hon. Maurice Jonas Woode has been installed as the Asomdwehene of Akrofuom Traditional Area.


This comes on the heels of his relentless efforts and contributions towards the maintenance of peace and stability in the long chieftaincy dispute in the Akrofuom traditional area.

Recounting why the traditional authorities decided to confer on him the title, Nana Asare Bediako, Ahenemahene of Akrofuom said since the confirmation of Hon.  Woode as the DCE for the district and chairman of the District Security Committee for just about seven months, he has ensured that the due processes are followed in ensuring that the right person is installed as the chief of the area.

He again recounted how the Akrofuom township would have been plunged into a war zone just as what happened about twenty years ago as a result of the chieftaincy dispute if not for the timely intervention of Hon. Woode.

‘’But for the timely response of Hon. Woode and the security services in the district we would have become fugitives in our own town because some people want to be chiefs without following the due process” he said.

Nana Asare Bediako confirmed that if not for the swift response of the DCE, the town would have been turned into a war zone, as happened some years ago.

He therefore said the traditional authority in the district will support the DCE in all his vision for the development of the district.

For his part, the DCE Hon. Nana Asomdwehene Maurice Jonas Woode thanked Nananom and the people of Akrofuom for the honour done him. He said he least expected that the Nananom and people of Akrofuom will give him such an honour in this short period of his administration.

He also assured that he will continue to work hard to ensure that the peace being enjoyed in the district will remain. He assured that he as an individual or the head of the security committee in the district will not meddle in chieftaincy issues in the district but rather assist the traditional stakeholders to nominate the right person to be installed as the chief of the area.

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Hon Nana Asomdwehene Woode again assured that he will continue to work hard to ensure that development gets to every community in the district.

Also present at the gathering included the Gyasehene of Akrofoum and Regent of Akrofuom, Nana Anin Agyekum, queen mother of Akrofuom and other sub chiefs..




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