A videoo of an up and coming actress who was asked to show her b00bs and go half n$$ked at an audition have gone viral.

There have been stories of actresses going n$$ked at auditions all in the name of earning a role for some 2 by 4 movie.

Auditioning of actors has been either a medium to extort money from up and coming actors or a medium of abusing actors all in the name of auditioning.

In the video,a young lady was asked by the ‘judges’ to remove her top dress as she was to assume that she has been given a role that requires that she goes n$$de.

The lady who appeared to be shy was reluctant to remove her top and  moreover to show her b00bs.

After several convincing by self-acclaimed actress Xandy Kamel who was part of the judges, the young lady finally removed her dress and showed her b00bs to them.

Is it a po$$n movie in the making as the innocent girl was ‘persuaded’ to show her b00bs.

Watch the Video below: 


Source: browngh


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