It appears Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is determined to mock and disgrace the president of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwah’s decision to build a National Cathedral to fulfill a pledge he made to God before becoming the president of Ghana.


Days after begging in trains in Germany to raise funds to help build the National Cathedral, a new video of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah begging in offices in abroad has once again hit social media.

In this new video, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah is explaining to a Whiteman in his office why Ghana needs the National Cathedral. She started by showing him school children walking through a river.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

Joyce again showed a pregnant woman in labor who was being carried through a river by 4 men and pleaded with the Whiteman to please assist Ghana to build the National Cathedral.

According to Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, when the National Cathedral is built, Jesus will come and live in Ghana and he will solve all the problems.

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Speaking to Captain Smart of Adom FM when the first video of her begging in a train came out, Joyce Dzidzor revealed she was not mocking the president; She is only helping the president achieve his dream.



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