When it comes to achieving success, hard work and diligence are just a thing of the past for Ghanaian youth as instant money rituals in are rampantly gaining fame with many Mallams turning it into a lucrative business.


Some are duped in the process but others also get what they required you sacrifice a fellow being which makes it more daring for the less confident to take a step to go for it.

Things have changed and we have heard of free money rituals which it’s absolutely free, but once the ‘voodoo’ works you are required to return a hand of ‘gratitude’ to the maker.


In a video below, a native doctor shows the latest money ritual techniques which require just for eggs, a bag and a piece of white cloth.

In his experiment, he placed the four eggs in the bag each at the corner of the bag, placed a note of money in the middle and covers it with a white cloth and then closed the bag.

After hitting the bag with a calabash in his hand for some seconds, all we saw after opening the bag was stacks of cash which filled up the bag to the brim.

Watch the video below…



Check out how a popular Facebook slayqueen Charlotte Abena Woodey was used or money ritual.



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