Togolese millionaire football star, Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi has caused a pretty stir on social media after uploading a video of himself having a rich stunning meal.

Emmanuel Adebayor is one of the finest rich footballers on the African continent and considering his wealth stature, one would expect to see him relaxing in a 5star restaurant for any meal he cannot cook at home.

Well, no one will surely expect to run into him chopping gari soakings, which is one of the favorite meals of every broke secondary school student on the continent.

However, in a video sighted by on the popular footballer’s IG page, he is captured on camera having a taste of gari soakings.

Adebayor who is currently in Turkey said he decided to have the meal because it’s his father’s favorite.

But unfortunately, the gari is soakings came without groundnut, which is really the best ingredient of the whole meal.

Watch Adebayor seriously sucking gari soakings below…

It is unusual to see a millionaire like Emmanuel Adebayor drinking a soak of raw gari and sugar without any tasteful item like groundnut or Nido, but I guess it was just in honor of his father.



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