The world has recorded its shortest wedding ever after a woman filed for divorce three minutes after she exchanged her marital vows with the man at the court.

Her decision was based on the fact that the man she had originally planned sharing her entire life with described her as stupid an insult she was pained and could not just imagine living under the same roof with. gathered that that Kuwaiti couple have become the major topic for discussions on various marriage counseling platforms as gender activists are hailing the woman for a bold decision.

According to Q8 News, they had just signed their marriage contract in front of a judge when the bride accidentally tripped on her way out.

After being ridiculed, the woman flew into a rage and demanded the judge dissolve their marriage then and there.

They had been married for only three minutes.

The incident provoked a wave of sympathy for the woman on social media, with netizens suggesting she was right to end it.

‘If this is how he acts right at the beginning, it’s better to leave him,’ one Twitter user commented.

‘A marriage with no respect, is a failed one right from the beginning,’ another one added.



  1. The man will get married soon. Let’s see when the woman will get married. Forgiveness is the key. Why can’t sgw forget right from the onset?? She has expiry date, she’ll beg people and even sponsor then to marry her

    • Pathetic comment ever.
      Life/marriage is not a competition. Fine, He might end up getting married after some time. I pity his victim. Yes she will have the status Mrs ….. But she will be very miserable with such a husband.
      Humiliating you wife after an already embarrassing situation(tripping and falling) on your wedding day is unacceptable. On a normal day forgiving is ok.
      The woman deserves better. She may “expire” like you claim but it’s a lot better than marrying the wrong person. Life/marriage is about love,respect,joy and happiness and not who got married first and who didn’t marry. Grow up


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