Photo of a young man advertising his sperm selling business has emerged online, and his prices written on the poster are so hilarious.

Selling or donating sperm is something that has been going on in secrecy, but for someone as young as the guy advertising it doing so without fear or shame has surprised many people.

The serious looking young man is seen in the photo standing by the road near a STOP signboard, holding a placard which bears the inscriptions: “Support black business. Sperms for sale: “Boy= R500, Girl= R1000, Triplets= R3000, Twins= R2000.”

He is charging “Boy= R500” and “Girl= R1000”, which means he places more value on girls than boys. Well, maybe, where he lives, girls are more needed than boys.
It is not clear yet where the photo was shot, but it has got many social media users reacting.

Many people are doing all sorts of weird things to make money, and this one is no exception.

Late last year, a Ugandan young man made the headlines after it came to light that he had set up an ‘orgasm offering’ business, satisfying women whose husbands are unable to make them attain orgasm.

He even said he was overwhelmed by the demand, because sometimes women book him for one round, but after enjoying the first one, they want to extend it by two or three, making it difficult for him to attend to other customers.




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