A WhatsApp Chat of a rich guy bargaining with a Slay Queen to urinate on her during se*x leaks on social media a few days after published about Dubai Porta Potties.

It appears this sickening se*xual pervasion is very common and rapidly spreading among rich dudes all over the world.

In the Whatsapp Chat, the guy was telling the young lady his terms for the arrangements which the lady shockingly agreed. According to her, she has had her womb removed so she has no problem with unprotected se*x

She, however, insisted to see the guy’s HIV status. That was when the young man added that he would like to pee on her and the Slay Queen accepted. She claims she services footballers but she will make an exception for him


Guy bargaining to pee on a Slay Queen
Guy bargaining to pee on a Slay Queen

This is not an isolated case. has discovered that most Slay Queens and celebrities travel to Dubai to be sh*t and pissed on by rich Arabs for thousands of dollars

This ladies gladly accept Arab royalties sh*ting in their faces and in their mouth just to make money which they flaunt on social media



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