Akua GMB real name Sally Amoakowaa has revealed that there are issues in polygamous marriages a category she also falls into.

According to Akua GMB who appeared as a guest on  ‘Purple Room’, polygamous marriages are filled with envy and jealousy because the love of the man is not shared equally among his wives.

“Same love is not shown, meanwhile, it is expected that a man must have the same amount of love for their wives”, she said.

Akua GMB allegedly consults Dr. Obengfo for plastic surgery

She went on to condemn unequal love in polygamous marriages and labeled it as a sin!

Akua was having this discussion with two pastors, one of them, Prophet Mesheck Abor, who is married to two wives.

Now, the question we are asking is, didn’t she know of the issue of unequal love before finally deciding to be the 4th wife, since we know she is definitely speaking out of an experience.



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